09 July 2014

Four selfies prove that my new proof exists

I've been waiting more than a week for the proof copy of my new book to show up... and it JUST ARRIVED. --I still have to check it for errors, so it's not 100% officially official yet, but I was impatient to share the news because I've been working on this thing for years..... The stork left it in the mailbox today, in a large tan parcel that weighed approximately more than an Uzi.

So finally I have my very own volume of holy scripture, written by me, for me ...and probably no one will read it EXCEPT me - but that's all right!

NOW whenever proselytizers show up at my door soliciting their religion, I can impersonate HAL 9000 and say, "Just a moment..." & then go fetch a copy of The Collected Religious Writings of Bryan Ray (that's my pen name) and tell them: "I will gladly listen to YOUR perspective, but only after you finish reading THIS, which represents mine." -- Fair & square! ...OK here are some pics:

Blurry shot of this 7 x 10 inch, 200,000 word nightmare.

The image on the cover is a painting by Paul Klee - the title is translated as "O! These rumors!"

It's bigger than a burger.

Right here is my favorite word in the whole book.


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