11 July 2014

Rain & Self & Voice

A very brief but heavy storm shower poured down on my apartment after I returned from my walk this evening. It lasted only about five minutes, but the rain fell forcibly. When the storm finished, the window panes were covered with droplets of water.

A Good Deed

Winds from the rainstorm had knocked over my neighbor's trash can and recycling bin. Because of this, there were plastic soda bottles and yogurt cups pouring out onto the driveway of our complex. Instinctively, I hefted the containers upright to solve the problem. I hope that I did the right thing.

Second Thoughts

While placing the fallen garbage containers upright, I began to worry that if my neighbor were to walk outside and see me doing this, he might think that I was snooping in his trash.

Self Shot Taken During the Gloomy Storm

Below is a picture of me. It was taken during the storm, using my webcam, which is why it's so gloomy and I am trying to conceal my fear. I'll post just one more thing after this, and then I'll be done...

A quick poetry reading

This is just something that I did in order to get back into the habit of reciting text, so please be lenient when condemning me. (I tried to embed the video below - if it doesn't show,  just click here.)


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