28 July 2014

Straws and planes

Before I get to my thought about personal controversy, I just wanted to share this photograph of an image that I found on the side of a package of bendy straws:


While uploading the above picture, I asked a search engine to display any visually similar images that it could find; and it returned this arrangement, which seemed almost interesting to me:

Now for the real, important news

This update is already too lengthy to survive in the rapid-paced, high-pressure universe of the internet... but I'll take a risk, this late in the game, and deliver my most important news anyway:


I wish that I were at the center of a controversy, like the kind that celebrities get engaged in when they blurt out an offensive remark during an interview, and then they must go on TV and make a public apology.

But I never say or do anything controversial — I stay boringly safe.


Here is a recording of me myself reading a section of text from "The Critic as Artist" by Oscar Wilde. (I tried to embed it below — if it doesn't show up, just click here.)


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