06 July 2014

This entry will just be

This entry will just be a standard rundown to let myself know what I've been doing lately, so that I can understand why I haven't been answering my phone.

I've been working on collecting what I call my 'religious writings' into a single, large book. I do not believe in any religion, which is why I thought that it would be a good idea for me to compose some scriptures of my own.

Today I took a walk around the nearby pond and saw an eagle soar overhead very slowly; then I blinked, so I don't know what happened next, but suddenly the same eagle came flying in the other direction with an orange fish clutched in its claws. The fish was pretty big. I actually didn't even know that that particular pond contained any living creatures. And the fish was writhing.

Then I heard someone screaming, so I turned my head toward the noise, but it was just a bunch of kids playing volleyball at a church picnic. When I was a kid, I really hated adults.

Also on my walk I saw a squirrel. It dashed toward a tree and hid from me when I approached, but it kept sticking its head out to see where I was. And as I stood on the eastern side of the tree, the squirrel clung to the western side; and when I moved south, the squirrel moved north, etc.

Some people don't like squirrels, but I like them. It doesn't bother me that people say they're like rats with bushy tails. I like rats as well.

Sad news: I saw a crushed mouse on the sidewalk today. (How does a mouse get so CRUSHED on the sidewalk?--I mean, there are no cars driving there, one would hope?) The mouse was white and it seemed very young, like maybe a newborn. But it's hard for me to tell the age of mice because even some of the full-grown adults seem as small as a sardine.

More animal news: I was walking around the exact same park that I mentioned above, and there were three large geese patrolling the pathway like police (I'm writing this blog entry fast, and now I notice that I said "seem... small... sardine" in the previous paragraph, and "patrolling... pathway... police" just now - I want to emphasize that none of this sore badness was intended), and in the vicinity of these police-geese were three adolescent geese. I could tell that the three geese were adolescents because they were fuzzy and grey, whereas their parents were feathered in glorious black and white.

Typing all these words in here just now reminded me of that scene in that movie called The Social Network where the (anti) hero character types an entry into his blog.

Anyway, one of the geese who was patrolling the walkway hissed at me as I was trying to pass. I saw him or her open his or her beak or mouth and I think there were jagged teeth inside or at least ligaments but I might be mistaken. It was scary. I swear I was scared. Three bikers - a man and presumably his two children (a girl and a boy) - pedaled past and then I made my slow fast walk toward the future, hoping that I would not get bit; and I avoided getting bit. I conclude from this that geese are protective of their young ones.

They redid the roads near our house. There was a parade on our street yesterday. I sympathized with the war veterans about the noise.

Some tiny birds are colored the same color as the biker pants that bikers wear when they bike. I mean light green - almost yellow. So I call them biker birds.

Here is a photograph that I wanted to share on another social network until I decided that that network has had its day. It's an image that I found on a plastic bag of paper towels. I use these towels to dry my hands. The image caught my eye because I originally viewed it as it is presented here: upside down. It says eight equals nine. I will use it to end this entry. I hope you enjoy it.


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