04 August 2014

Explanation of something I said last night

My coffee machine has a warming plate with an on-off switch. 
After I fill my teacup, I prefer to shut the warmer off, 
to circumvent catastrophe.

Every time I turn off the warming plate, 
I pour the leftover coffee into a thermos, 
for safe keeping.

This coffee thermos has a lid that screws on;  
which, if not properly tightened, 
allows air to escape.

Now, when air seeps out from the thermos lid, 
a noise occurs, 
not unlike the sound of a baby bird weeping.

Every time I hear this sound, 
it wins my attention; 

so, last night, 
when a noise seemed to come from the direction of the thermos, 
I walked over, leaned my head down and listened close . . . 
But there was silence.

So I began to walk away. 

before I could take a single step, 
the sound happened again, 
and, this time, 
it was clearly and plainly coming from the coffee thermos; 

therefore, I turned to the thermos and exclaimed: 
“Oh, you ARE sick!” 

The following explains my reason for saying those words: 
In the movie Eraserhead (1977), 
when the main character Henry takes his baby’s temperature, 
it appears normal, 
so he begins to turn away; 

just then, however, 
an alarming effect on the soundtrack coincides with a new shot of the same baby, 
who now appears obviously blighted; 

and, Henry, seeing this, 
exclaims the identical phrase. 

Image from an old encyclopedia which has nothing to do with anything above.


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