24 October 2014

Drawing, quote, & self-reading

A drawing

The drawing is directly above, in case you missed it. I drew it with my hand, using a felt-tip pen. I cannot explain it, but I think that it might have something to do with sensory perception: maybe a visual organ is interacting with an aural organ; or one of those organs is conversing with an insect; or two insects are trying to communicate, yet one of them can only SEE while the other can only HEAR, so they just keep touching each other. I really don't know.

A quote

I'm re-reading a favorite book very slowly and with great pleasure. I've mentioned it here before; it's called DUCHMAP: A BIOGRAPHY by Calvin Tomkins. Here's a very short quote that made me laugh. The part that made me laugh is the part in parentheses at the end. The reason I found it humorous is that it so concisely reveals Duchamp's stance toward criticism.

The Société Anonyme's first exhibition, a small survey of modern art from Van Gogh to Brancusi, opened on April 30, 1920. The admission fee was twenty-five cents (Duchamp had suggested making it fifty cents for critics)...

A reading from my very own book

I recorded myself reading from my book LA MAN. The excerpt I chose is from the third and final section of the book, which parodies an overzealous critic attempting to persuade readers of the book's true meaning. What amuses me is that the speaker obviously has no idea what he's talking about, but that doesn't stop him from making his "arguments". (This becomes apparent if you read more of the text; keep in mind that this is just the briefest excerpt.) In case the embedded video does not show up to you, here is the direct link. And I'll give the full text of the reading directly below.

(By the way, the book is available in my collection or as an individual paperback; and the artwork shown in the video is a detail from St. Martin’s Church in Zillis, Switzerland; 12th century.)



I added a third section to the previous two that comprised yesterday's Furniture Beat 000026 – now it consists of one slow, one medium-slow, and one last slow piece of beat. Also, I finished Furniture Beat 000027 – a simple beat that overstays its welcome.


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