29 November 2014

Several quotations

This blog post consists of a bunch of quotes. They're all just plain text except for this first one. This first one is special because I recorded a reading of it – it's from my book called The Permanent Modes, which is yet another part of my big blue collection of self-amusements that can be captured in the amazon or otherwise.

Here's the text:


Next, here is a handwritten quote that I saved while watching the movie WRONG COPS (2013):

TRANSLATION: "Hey! Turn some music on, please! ...The music... it did me some good... in your partner's car... It helped me to think of something else... Without the music, it's very difficult... the pain comes back... and I really don't feel that well... Then just put a little music on for me... that's all I'm asking for..."


And here's Franz Kafka on Genesis chapter 3 (specifically verses 22-23) from The Blue Octavo Notebooks, Betrachtungen 82, translated in my English copy as "Reflections on sin, suffering, hope, and the true way":


And this is from Book X of Saint Augustine's Confessions:


Lastly, here's a passage from VINELAND by Thomas Pynchon:


I said the last quote was the last quote, but this next quote is the last quote – it's from a movie that I recently watched: The Misfits (1961), in which Marilyn Monroe plays a character named Roslyn Tabor. But there's no way that anyone could read more words without first looking at this picture:

At a certain point in the film, Roslyn becomes exasperated with the way that her companions have treated the wild horses that they have been hunting. Roslyn runs away from the men in disgust—the camera remains with the men; so Marilyn is framed in a long-shot, as a small figure in the distance—then she turns back to them and screams the following lines at the top of her lungs:

KILLERS! MURDERERS! You LIARS! All of you: LIARS! You're only happy when you can see something DIE! Why don't you kill YOURSELVES and be happy! You and your "God's country"! Freedom! I PITY you! You're three dear, sweet, DEAD men!

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