16 January 2015

A quick opinion on spelling & grammar

First, an obligatory image:

I discovered two empty boxes of tissues in my apartment. Seeing that these boxes were made out of cardboard, I used my hands to tear a fragment from each box. Then I taped the pieces together and used a camera to photograph the front & back side of my invention, as if it were an ancient artifact.

Next, a quote revised away from Wikipedia:

Certain people remain unconcerned about their own disordered thinking. Theologians have suggested that this results from an inability to follow the mob's acceptance of Aristotelian logic.

Finally, an opinion:

Regarding grammar and spelling, I take no care for them. Since a computer can correct these things, I let it do so. My favorite writers all spelled atrociously. Poetry follows the writer’s own personal grammar, which society of course desires to tame and subvert. I prefer to read poetry. (The only thing that I regret in this statement is my proper spelling of the word atrociously.)

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