02 April 2015

Still book-covering

Today I’m performing the final tweaks on a pair of gorgeously ugly book covers that I finished last night (they will eventually clothe the two volumes of my collected writings) – so, instead of delivering my regular pompous oration, I’ll just present a few more photos of my desk or workspace or cutting room floor or whatever phrase commonly denotes a painter’s muddled palate or the outtake section of a film’s ‘DVD extras.’ . . . Yesterday I was so preoccupied with this task that I couldn’t even manage to write one word on the screen here. I am aware that this level of neglect is unforgivable – from now on, I promise to treat my blog right. The last sin I must confess is that I intended to end yesterday’s post with a picture that I stole from an old encyclopedia, but I forgot to do so; therefore, just now, I added the image by using the ‘edit’ function. That’s all. I thank you for at least briefly chewing over the idea of granting me salvation.



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