20 June 2015

Cheeps (rain stopped)

Someday inhibitions will be placed in their boudoirs and given little bows for their hair so that they can admire themselves in a prison-sized vanity while the rest of the mental landscape is running amok.

Now here are some cheeps:

  • I’m like a cat—I have no clue what’s going on . . . or, perhaps because of this, I am the opposite of a cat.
  • Your body is a sweet spot of the ecosystem.
  • I’m not interested in anything that can be labeled, so I’m not interested in poetry. (I’m interested in poetry only as a guilty pleasure.)
  • Let’s lose our teeth over something.
  • I have finished my life’s work. Now all I need to do is waste away.
  • Being a being is scary, but being aware of being a being is scarier.
  • I lament that we’re all so relevant.
  • When you find an illegal firearm on the sidewalk, you almost feel a moral obligation to rob a liquor store.
  • I still can’t believe that we share this world with insects.
  • Big baggy boxers or big baggy briefs?
  • Creatures age: that is to say, matter speeds toward reconfiguration.
  • Feel free to sneeze on yourself.

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