07 June 2015

My oversimplified Anti-Christian bio (& why Christians should care)

¶ 1

I used to believe in Christianity sincerely. Then I met a girl who was Anti-Christian. I was concerned about this girl, because I assumed that, if she didn’t become a Christian, her afterlife would be spent in eternal hellfire. Since I cared about her soul, I wanted to help her accept Christianity: so, when I asked this Anti-Christian to explain why she (dis)believes as she does, I listened very carefully to her answers. My hope was that I might be able to resolve her criticisms and thereby persuade her to become a true believer. But what the girl said against Christianity was so convincing that, instead of converting her soul to my belief, I myself became an Anti-Christian.

¶ 2

So if you currently believe in Christianity, and you wish to remain a genuine Christian believer, then, when you try to evangelize me, you should ignore my critical reactions to your message, because my view might weaken your faith. However, if you believe that I will be Goddamned for rejecting Christianity, then your act of ignoring me proves that you do not care about my soul: it shows that you are willing to let me perish, so long as you can remain comfortable in the present world. That’s why, even though I am now an Anti-Christian, it still hurts me whenever a Christian ignores my responses.

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