29 July 2015

More wrong thoughts about God


When youngsters are silent for long, their parents exclaim: “The children are too quiet—something must be wrong.” The assumption is that the kids are probably getting into trouble. With the same inflection, I note that God is very quiet today. I’m sure that some sage once put forward the idea that God prefers to be ignored.

Is God ignorable by intention? Are we ignoring God or is God ignoring us? (Already I am assuming that we are not God.) It’s hard to tell, because God never makes a peep, except through the mouth of anyone who’s willing to fabricate untruths.

Why does God insist on communicating with us only by way of liars? If God would deign to address us directly, through his own mouth, I’d happily give God my full attention.

I think, however, that the average person wants God to fit into the scene of their daily life, like background ambiance from one of those devices that generates “soothing nature sounds to help you sleep.”

Everyone else’s God somehow manages to be a vicious judge and a milksop, all at once; whereas my own God is just cruelly indifferent. This is why I hope that my God eats their God.

Instead of sacrificing animals or humans to them, we should make the deities consume each other. (Now that I think about it, I guess that’s what happened with Jesus, supposing he was truly divine.)

Alternately, it wouldn’t make me sad to discover that all of our Gods, even my own God, got melted down into a crystal river.


Qualo Infinity said...

Haha.. I just thought I'd try out *all* of your clickable reader ratings.. sorry about that.. Great entry btw!

Bryan Ray said...

No apologies allowed! You just fulfilled my birthday wish from fifteen years ago—I asked that someone would someday click on all of my reader ratings simultaneously. (And I didn't even have reader ratings back then, so this is something of a miracle.)

Now I am happy, because I know three truths about our world:

1. My mother likes this blog post.
2. Someone who read my blog post does not believe in history.
3. Fut!

So my self from fifteen years ago stands beside my present self in the carpeted hallway of our hotel to thank you kindly.


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