08 August 2015

Thoughts we all have


Hasn’t our world suffered enough changes of season already? Why doesn’t the weather just pick a temperature and stick with it? And do we really still need precipitation? Nature has been in a slump for far too long.

We should destroy all things: exterminate every type of life, including humankind—this way, the only thing left will be God. All of creation falls short of the LORD’s expectation; so, if the world is annihilated, everything will at last be perfect.

Is the U.S. system of electing presidents really an improvement on the ancient idea of kings? At least with a royal line of kings, we can blame the deity for any shortcomings in government, since the deity selects the line and creates its members. U.S. citizens keep electing Bush after Bush.

(These democratically elected presidents all worship Christ anyway: and Christ is a synonym for “king,” so representative democracy is just a mist of razzle-dazzle surrounding the age-old idol Royalty.)

Although I myself only partake of alcohol sparingly, I don’t trust anyone who isn’t an alcoholic. This world is so thoroughly malicious that innocent creatures must embrace maliciousness and become entirely malicious themselves in order to participate in it without the aid of intoxicants. Alcoholism is proof that one is burdened with a pure heart.

All pets are slaves: you can tell this by the fact that they are kept on chains, leashes, and in cages. If humans could read the expressions of animal faces, they would notice that all pets are always sad. Even when they’re happy, pets are sad.

Why did my earthly father insist that corporations are better than government? (He was talking about the U.S.A.) The private sector’s corporations and the public government are both simply names for groups of people: they possess the same tendency toward corruption—but the U.S. government is at least transparent and changeable. If a private corporation engages in wrong, only its most elite members know it: and they’re the last people who would be likely to change it.

Why is a Christian individual expected to follow Jesus’s teaching to “turn the other cheek when assaulted,” but a Christian nation is not?

Is it possible that any dollar earned is an “honest” dollar? If I rob a store at gunpoint, isn’t every dollar that I take from the cash register “honest,” in the sense that I worked for it?

It seems that those who are most likely to benefit from war are least likely to fight in war. Why doesn’t this bother the people who are actually doing the fighting?

When you wake up in the morning and feel sad, something in you wants to foster this feeling: something in you wants to be sad, for the transition from feeling sad to feeling cheerful is like a death. Plus, on some level, the soul knows that God prefers it to be sad.

I hate the fact that I was raised Christian. It breaks my heart to see children today being raised Christian. There is no hope for them. Or I should say, there is hope only for those who are imperceptive, insensitive: bad listeners. To follow Christianity accurately is to accept a chronic mental disease. And Christianizing one’s offspring is child abuse.

When you really love something, you give it a pet name. My pet name for life is “all the annoyances.” When I wake in the morning, I say: “It’s time to face all the annoyances.” And, after I die, my spirit says: “I sure will miss all the annoyances.”

If buttercups were the favorite food of woolly mammoths, then I am like a woolly mammoth and you are my buttercup.

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