22 September 2015

Simple impressions from my recent walk

In this entry, I will list some memories from my long walk yesterday. I went to a place down south; by which I do not mean the land of Dixie, but only a few blocks away from my apartment: I found a nice park with winding paths and no noisy children.

First I saw a snake beneath a table. It was a permanent fixture fused to a block of concrete—the table, I mean. The snake was unmoving, so I assumed he was dead (although when I returned from my long walk, the snake was gone; so either someone—perhaps the LORD—came by and took him, or else he evolved into a lion and flew away).

I was excited to tell about the snake sighting, so I wrote about it with love: but I want to breeze past the rest of these observations quickly, because none of them are interesting.

I remember the water of the river: it was clear enough to see the pebbles lining its floor. And I remember the field of dry crops, totally shriveled.

There were tracks near a sign that said “Private Railroad: No Trespassing.” And nearby was a giant mound of metallic dust that I imagined had been dumped there by extra-terrestrials.

Some of the route was flooded; but, directly in the middle of a dry part of the path, there was a frog the size of the fist of Frankenstein: he was sunning himself and enjoying the warmth of the asphalt; at least that’s how I interpreted the scene.

A massive hawk then glided serenely overhead. And the young man who was fishing by the bend in the river seemed perturbed when I made a loud screech noise.

After leaving the park, I encountered a church that had a garden in its front lawn. The garden was fenced in; and there was a scarecrow in a suit coat watching over the lettuce. A wooden shaft had been used to prop the scarecrow, and this shaft was visibly lodged into the rear of his trousers. Since his back was to the footpath, this served as the focal point of the holy tableau.


I was going to end with the above account; but my sweetheart just awoke and told me her dream, so now I’ll relay it here. She dreamt that her brother gave her some frosted pastries, and she took them and offered them to me, but I didn’t want them.

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