23 January 2016

Morning thoughts on God


I can say that I believe in God; and I can say that I do not believe in God.

I can say that I believe in Endlessness; but I cannot say, with equal sincerity, that I do not believe in Endlessness—for Endlessness transcends the realm of belief: this is something I know.

In truth, I can say that I either believe OR disbelieve in God, because God is a term that some souls use to denote Endlessness—it’s like writing the name “Sophia” on your boat: it humanizes what might otherwise feel indifferent.

I question how much of Endlessness participates in what we think of as humanity. How much of Endlessness is conscious? How much of Endlessness has a will; has desires; has a plan?

I myself am a fragment of Endlessness, and I possess consciousness, willpower, desires… When I look at a mountain, it seems devoid of these human traits: it seems essentially indifferent to what I call life. The mountain, however, is also a fragment of Endlessness; and this is why I wonder just how much of Endlessness is more like me than it is like mere matter—in other words: How much of Endlessness is more like Shelley than Mont Blanc; more like Moses than Sinai.

When a man asserts a belief in God and asks if I agree with him, I shout: “Of course!” since I know that Endlessness possesses at least a sliver of personality, even if it is limited to my own imagination.

To say that God exists but in the mind is not an insult to God: for the mind is the crowning achievement of mere matter. (Either the mind results from matter, or, if it preceded matter, then the good news is that mind and matter have married.)

And when I, as an atheist, claim to disbelieve in God, I can speak as earnestly as any believer; because I understand that God is a word, a label—just as a dog is a dog and also not a dog: the living creature that I’m petting is a certain type of quadruped and also not exactly the name that I call it; it is only as it were the name I call it—thus, God is, as it were, the spirit of Endlessness.

Or should we say that God is the body of Endlessness? Or the heart or soul or mind of Endlessness? Or the face, etc…?

I speak of God as being a label for Endlessness, rather than the other way around, not only because of my bias for FLUX and FIRE but because it is a proven fact that, before the advent of humankind, God was undeveloped (as it were), and, following the advent of the beings that supersede humankind, God unfolds even further…

This process will continue until God suffuses Endlessness (which is impossible, and that is exactly why God will do it)—for truth is like a suit that God’s growing into.

We mortals are a step in a staircase that spirals beyond the divine: our home, Eternity, is as an infinite womb gestating the perfect God.

There are many ways that one might partition Endlessness. At the moment, I prefer to think of it as consisting of inward and outward: potential and element: mind and matter: imagination and…

What is the antipode of imagination?

Anyway, the idea that we christen God was born on the mental half of the division of everything existent; and, presuming that the grass is greener on the far side of THAT WHICH CANNOT STOP, our God has engaged in a process that ultimately will grant her manifestation within her own mirror. (We always refer to otherness as reality.)

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