01 May 2016

Various false attempts


It amazes me to think of all the paintings that people have painted. And all of the poems that have been composed. And all the music, and all the…

Why might a soul perform any act that does not guarantee an instant paycheck? Are all artists who pursue their creative ideas at the risk of…

How boring is it to read text on a computer screen! What if boredom were a measurable thing? Is boredom measurable? Scientists should invent an ennui-meter.

I like geese because they honk instead of…

And how about kings? What kind of music videos might a king wish to upload on social media? Would he permit live-streaming of his evening’s royal soirée? I’d be interested in watching it. I wish that we could teleport a king or two from the past and let them observe some of our time’s political fundraisers, like the expensive dinner parties. (For all the kings who are reading this blog in the future, to “upload” means blah blah blah; “social media” means this and that; and “live-streaming” is similar to whoopty doo.)

And what about the atom. Why do we care about the atom? Do we care about the atom?

I think I’ve asked the above questions about nine thousand times. They’re all the same questions. You wake up in the morning and find that your hairstyle has either changed or…

Why are all of our present age’s “late night talk shows” as groveling as—or even MORE groveling than

Children are the future. Nature versus nurture.

Artful dealing. Spotless glasses. Wireless communication.

When warfare destroys a museum, it’s like… what?

I mentioned kings above because I was secretly wondering whether or not any system of democracy has achieved a better…

Also: what do I mean by “track record,” with regard to democracy? Where might such a record be located; and how might one view it?

I’ve never seen a kangaroo give birth to a rhinoceros, for instance. I’ve never seen a frog give birth to…

People are very hard workers nowadays. I am sure they were hard workers in the past as well. Individuals take pride in their work, and dignified work naturally attracts an industrious person. I’m inclined to say: There is no reward quite like a job well done.

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