14 June 2016

An idea fizzling

(Surely I’m not the first to say this.)

There should be a “NO” ballot. You should be able to cast a big, fat “None of the Above” vote. And when these NO votes win (which they will, I guarantee, by a landslide—if they are counted), the whole contest has to start over again from the beginning, with all the same plus optionally new candidates; for, whoever wants to join in on this round, you are welcome. There is only one proviso: Any candidates who lost to a prior NO-vote are ousted from the ongoing festivities.

I want to stress that I write the above complaint during a time when our country’s options for president are apparently two warmongers. And each warmonger’s party is trying to convince us that if we don’t vote for their warmongering candidate then we run the risk of receiving the other side’s warmonger. I wish that the peace-loving candidate had been able to break through the noise. Peace is far from impossible; in fact, it’s even easier than war.

I remember writing a blog post a while ago where I murmured about not being able to vote against the big banksters. When I voiced those grievances, I never expected that a candidate would appear in the very next election whose anti-bank and anti-war record would be so pristine that…

Ugh. I hate politics and I hate political writing and I doubt that it is climacteric. Someone save me from becoming a useful citizen.

I loathe important things. But I grant their importance.

The dollar sign is annoyingly beautiful. It’s an ess with a line through the middle ($), as if to imply “Not Superman” or a skewered serpent.

War draft; bank overdraft.

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