19 October 2016

I dedicate this post to the poppy-seed bagel

Dear Diary,

Lately I have been copypasting on TwatNet from my own darn book, as well as diarying quotes from my daily readings on t'otherblog. But sometimes there is garbage that won't fit in either of those landfills, so I am sharing it here below, faithfully bulleted, for the sake of fuck.

  • to obtain
  • I'm engaging in a legal battle with The Creator (read: The Coder) because his engineers will not let my checkmark turn blue.
  • No secret: I am fast.
  • "You don't have to lock out and in? Explain after sleeping." —Tom Nine Thousand
  • I regret to say that YM is no longer published online: now the domain is only a link to Teen Vogue.
  • Moans // Kept // Field
  • I have a confession to make. I've never read a novel in my life.
  • "Rap is the only vital form of music introduced since punk rock." —Kurt Cobain, from M.E.A.T. (1991-09)
  • If you really loved me, you would know that I named one of my file cabinets Electronic Mail.
  • Because I stepped down very early in the cycle to retrieve a white flame from the Fossil Fuel account, I caught your killjoys; but when I checked back in, I used the password "Calcutta"; so I did not see what you wrote on his mount until after three, and now it's too late! (I already warned Dr. Roy that orioles visited me!! Sorry!!!) But I thank you profusely for teaching me the soft-'g' technique.
  • I agree that a comma should separate appearance from obscenity.


After eating bananas with my breakfast habitually over the course of this election (2016), I've noticed that their peels, although not quite perforated, are practically imploring us to remove them.

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