08 November 2016

Distraction for this holi---

Dear elliptical sticker,

I have nothing to say, but I’m writing just to kill a few moments. Election day moves at a snail’s pace because time flies when you’re having fun.

Much more important than the choice of the Leader of the Empire is my choice of favorite trax by Mr Oizo. It is the best musix (which is why I named the bevy “Oizopix” – that is slang). You see, on the website called YouTube, a gal can round up items into a quote-unquote playlist. Again, I am only saying these words to distract myself from the festivities. Best of luck!

I’ll end with a few brief excerpts from my book of non-aphorisms that the Short Status Network rejected for being too long. Yet before those, I’ll embed two sample postings: one from my Twitter handle, and one from my Tumblr. I use Twitter to publish mostly semi-sense, and I share quotes from whatever books I am reading on Tumblr. So if you like what you see, you should follow both accounts and bookmark their addresses and vote for my enemy.



Die; procreate; destroy the world; impersonate someone; read a poem; hate; sleep; join a political party; go naked through the streets at midday; relinquish divinity; denounce a shadow; start a fire; send envelopes of cash to nonexistent addresses; build an orphanage; overeat; abandon the Internet. (Answers to possible questions.)


I remain convinced that Metal is the only entity who actually understands Wood. Metal bestows upon Wood the highest praise, and even instructs his constituents to bless Wood prior to conquering Wood.


One time I assumed it was opposite, but then I had the thought: How come it never parts?—if it hates itself, why does it stay together?—it’s like it is married! But, if it’s married, it can still obtain a divorce; so I think the reason it never separates is because it is entirely different aspects of the ultimate identity.

It Would Be

It would be amusing to declare that certain things actually cannot be art, and to choose those things arbitrarily and enforce our assertion adamantly. For instance: “It is well known that neither horses nor parasols can be art.” Then we could race through the annals of history, exposing frauds and lamenting our ancestors’ ignorance. But more importantly, spirited people could begin making anti-art with horses and parasols.

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