17 February 2017

Still striving to find Gen. 2 amenable

Dear diary,

Does anyone know for sure how humans got started? Maybe there is some being out there who was an eyewitness.

When I read the early parts of the biblical book of Genesis, this is what I get: The LORD warns Adam to avoid consuming the fruit of a certain tree because, upon doing so, “thou shalt surely die”; but after Adam and Eve eat that fruit, the LORD evicts them from the garden so that they cannot “live for ever.” Then Eve bears two sons: Cain and Abel; and the former kills the latter.

So now, in the dire expanse outside the garden, we have Adam, Eve, and Cain: these are the only three humans alive on the planet. (I’m assuming the LORD is not a living human.) (And his cherubs are robots.) Now here is my question. Why don’t these poor souls simply give up? For consider: The being that created you just kicked you out of paradise and cursed you, and even cursed the earth itself, for the express purpose of ruining your life. Why continue the nightmare? You saw how easy it was for Cain to dispatch of Abel – why not offer the same assistance to Cain? And then ask of thine helpmate what King Saul asked of his armourbearer (1 Sam. 31:4):

Draw thy sword, and thrust me through therewith…

What’s next on the agenda? Genesis 3:20 calls Eve the “mother of all living.” Since she’s now the last man standing, as soon as she falls on her sword, the jig is up. What more can the LORD do: Humankind is extinct! They nipped the problem in the bud; grew four strong and plunged right back to the dust.

Peace at last. But would the LORD attempt to mold another mud-man at this point? I wonder why he did it in the first place.

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