09 August 2017

VHS-DVD: no entry today...

but I had to clean out my storage room; so, in the process, I decided to photograph my movie library, because I plan to annihilate it, and it's nice to have a record of what existed.

  • VHS (Video Home System) is a widely-adopted VCR (Video Cassette Recording) technology that uses magnetic tape; it was developed by JVC (Japan Victor Company) and put on the market in 1976, exactly one year before the birth of the famous author Bryan Ray.
  • DVD (Digital Versatile Disc; originally Digital Video Disc) is a type of compact storage able to hold large amounts of high-resolution audiovisual data.

Why do I own only these titles, and what does such a pathetic collection say about its curator?


Lulu Bell said...

Why, why, whyyyyyy.... annihilate this collection that is enviable????

Bryan Ray said...

Lulu Bell!! Dear Lulu you are one of the rare few reasons that I regret leaving Facebook... I always remember your taste in movies and how we're on the same page about film art life... so I'm HAPPY to hear from you! (I wish I heard from you more.) ...& yeah I was being over-dramatic when I used the word "annihilate" -- I really just meant that I wanna get rid of the VHS portion (sadly!!!!!), because I can still find all those films at our library, and the beautiful clunky tape cases take up space, and so does the VCR player (and when I say "get rid of" them, I mean donate them, not just trash em) -- but I think I'll keep the DVDs because they're light and I still re-watch them all the time... AND I thank you for calling the collection enviable : it means a lot coming from you; I'm only embarrassed that it's not MORE COMPREHENSIVE, which is why I speak about it self-deprecatingly -- I mean, I wish that it included ALL the films that I love, which are many more than are shown here (many, MANY more), instead of just the ones that are so rare that I had to purchase them in order to see them... For example, I wish that I owned all of John Cassavetes' movies, because he means the world to me, but since I've been able, by some minor miracle, to find his stuff at the library (etc.), I end up watching them that way instead of proudly displaying their cases as property... OK I'll send this comment now before it becomes TOO neurotic... the level of narcissistic mad obsession that it contains is JUST RIGHT if I cap it here.


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