12 March 2014

Paintings by 19th century artists that happened to be referenced in a chapter of a book that I was reading today

The Jolly Flatboatmen by George Caleb Bingham

Shooting for the Beef by George Caleb Bingham

The Sower by Jean-François Millet

The Capture of Major André by Asher Brown Durand

In the Catskills by Thomas Doughty

Stu-mick-o-súcks, Buffalo Bull's Back Fat, Head Chief, Blood Tribe by George Catlin

The Trapper's Bride by Alfred Jacob Miller

The Oxbow by Thomas Cole

Farmer's Nooning by William Sidney Mount

Bargaining for a Horse by William Sidney Mount

Eel Spearing at Setauket by William Sidney Mount

Ringing the Pig by William Sidney Mount 


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