10 June 2014

Status Pic Text & Reading

Instead of posting many single separate updates elsewhere, I want to begin the habit of collecting writings or images or readings or nonsense in single entries here on this boring blog, but it's always hard to begin a new form, because INITIAL ATTEMPTS always feel to me like they should be SO IMPORTANT yet I want to remain casual; so I'll just begin wherever I think to begin, & keep doing it if I find it passable.

Status Updates

Here are two status updates that I might soon post on Facebook. (The first I wrote only because I wanted to type some ellipses with spaces between the dots.)

. . . the wrath of peer approval . . . nature hike trading center . . .

Some flesh simply isn't flint.


Now here is a picture that I was looking at today. It's by Caspar David Friedrich and it's called "Wanderer above the sea of fog". I was looking at it because I was wondering if it might work for the cover of a book that I'm planning to make, which would collect all of my religious writings. I don't think I'll use it though, because my religious writings are more like blagues than [any word other than blague].

Now I'll paste two more things and then I'll stop. One will be a journal-style writing and one will be a reading.

Journal-Style Writing

I live in an apartment that is attached on either side to other units in a complex, and we share with many neighboring facilities a large area of grass constituting a yard that we call the Common Area. Maintenance of this Common Area is performed by a company that was hired long ago by our association’s management, so I never need to stand outside holding a garden hose. The only fact that might be of interest about this large area of grass is that it formerly had a playground for children situated in a square lot of sand, but the playground facilities were removed many years ago, so now all that remains is the sandlot. And there are two wooden benches.

Yesterday one of the neighbors hosted their child’s birthday party in the Common Area, and they rented a giant blowup castle for the kids to jump in. Since the children were noisy, my roommate and I decided to leave our apartment and take a walk around the neighborhood. While walking, we passed a house whose front yard had a blowup castle identical to the one that was occupying our complex’s Common Area. When I said that I was surprised by this coincidence, my roommate said that there is probably a coupon that expires this weekend, which guarantees 50% off of the price of a blowup castle rental; and that explains everything.

Reading of a Beloved Poem

Lastly, here's a recording of me reading a text. I hope to do more readings like this soon. The text is by Max Jacob, and, even though it's titled Adventure Novel, it's only about a minute long. (I tried to embed the thing below — if it doesn't show up, you can just click here.)


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