15 July 2014

All caps "yearn", "were", & "say"

I like to screw things up, but I'd rather avoid punchlines, so it's maybe unclear how serious I take myself. I like to leave it like that.

Before the last sentence, I tried to type an account of my upbringing; but I abandoned the effort because it annoyed me. Since I didn't delete it, however, I'll give the attempt here below, just to teach myself that I can run but not hide.

Actually, allow me to say something other than what I just said that I would say...

When I become famous, I'll probably be so tired of doing interviews that I'll try to avoid them unless I'm told that they're necessary to promote my new inventions..... but right now, since I'm unknown, I yearn, yes, YEARN to be interviewed... preferably by a person who is intelligent and distinguished. ----I don't have any idea what I would SAY if I actually WERE to undergo an interview ....perhaps I'd be a bore - or sloppy and aimless... Either way, I'll appreciate it if the fame begins this instant.

Finally, here is a photo of me myself holding the case of a recently watched movie.

This marks my first viewing of the film called Two Tons of Turquoise to Taos Tonight, which I really loved.


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