10 August 2014

A drawing & a writing

NOTE: The drawing and the writing below are not related, except for the fact that I'm sharing them here together.... The writing is like a journal entry; and I drew the drawing without thinking of anything in particular. My only hope is that you enjoy them.

1. The drawing:

2. The writing:

***This is just another scene from a boring walk — I write a lot about walking because my life consists of nothing but walking and writing.***

I was frightened when I saw, ahead of me on the walking path, a steep slope of dirt that I would need to descend. The reason for my fright was not the slope's steepness, however — I was scared because I noticed, at the bottom of the slope, a person.

(I wish to please people, yet I don't understand how to do so, which is why I feel fear when I meet them.)

I saw that my route of travel was inevitably going to intersect with the route that the stranger was taking... We stepped nearer and nearer... Finally, when we were close enough to scuffle, I raised my hand and said: "Hi."

The stranger - a young male - was carrying two Frisbee discs, and he replied: "Good morning."

Since his greeting was much friendlier than I expected, I myself said "Hi," again, and then I repeated the same greeting right back to him: "Good morning!"

After this, we continued to walk in our separate directions.


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