09 August 2014

Six images & a reading

First, here is a photo of two book covers — each one takes up about half of the space of the picture:

Below is an outtake image from my pasta box post from a couple days ago. It shows a label from a liquor bottle centered in the oval from the pasta's cardboard container, with a fancy journal cover in the background. I hope that makes sense.

Next is a picture of a bookmark that I received as a gift. It seems to be made of precious metal, and the background is like leather.

Below is another gift — my own biological mother brought this old 'normal bias' analog cassette to me, thinking that I might be able to use it. I probably should have taken a picture of myself holding it, because here it just looks like I stole the image from the official web page associated with ancient technology, but I assure you that it is my own original photograph — all I did was crop it super tight. The item, by the way, is still in its original packaging. I like cassette tapes.

This next image is something that I made with a simple art program, thinking that someday I would be able to post it as a comment on The Social Network. It says "COMMENT", although some of the letters are more filled-in than others. And its background is pink.

Below is the last picture that I will get rid of today. It is an illustration that I took from an old encyclopedia. I am posting it here because, like most of the above images, I never could find a use for it.

A reading

Lastly, I recorded myself reading portion of the scroll that contains the Articles that the Abbé offers to Wilhelm in the last chapter of Book Seven from Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (the English translation is by Eric A. Blackall in cooperation with Victor Lange). I'll give the actual text, too, at the end of this post, in case you find my slow pace as annoying as I do and would rather just read the darn thing for yourself. (I tried to embed the reading below — if it doesn't show up, just click here.)



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