08 August 2014

My thoughts about fishing

Before I get to my thoughts about fishing, here is a badly-lit photo of me holding Stimpy:

Self portrait with Stimpy 

Now here are my thoughts about fishing:

I love the idea of fishing, because it brings to my mind the picture of a cozy boat resting on peaceful water.... and I imagine that my fishermen friends would be able to converse freely and easily with me, having no concern for time... and that we'd enjoy being distant from the rudeness and pressures of the non-fishing world....

So I think that I am a natural fisherman, because I am attracted to my idea of a calm fishing scene....

However, I hate the thought of our fishing lines getting tangled up.... and the slime of stinking fish.... and sharp hooks caught on clothing or skin... and someone's fishing pole accidentally jabbing my hat off so that it falls in the water.... and worms writhing in musty buckets of dirt, with dead flies for bait.... and the constant threat of being capsized....

Plus I worry a lot about the Loch Ness Monster.


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