15 August 2014

An unnerving event

My friend is picking up her dry cleaning, and I am waiting for her to return.

(By the way, this entry represents my most sincere attempt to report what I actually experienced today.)

Except for me, the parking lot is empty. I am standing outside and enjoying the fresh air.

Now a car enters the parking lot from the street... It is moving at a very slow pace... The car is beige in color.

This beige car creeps slowly into the lot; then it turns and very slowly drives straight at me.

BUT, just when it seems that the driver might actually be planning to run me over in slow motion, the car veers aside and parks directly at my left.

The way that this beige car pulls into its parking space is by lurching forward at the same slow rate until its front bumper crunches loudly against the concrete barrier.

Now the doors of the beige car open, revealing an elderly couple: a woman and a man. The woman has been driving. ...After opening their doors, this is what they do:

The man continues to sit in the passenger seat, facing forward in silence. The woman exits the vehicle, stands straight up, turns toward me, smiles a great wide extremely friendly smile, and waves her hand the way that people wave when they're in a parade.

Obligatory image:

(The above is a satellite composite photograph of a label that was on the inside back cover of the library book that I was reading today.)


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