14 August 2014

A few quick thoughts on God & belief

I don't recognize the distinction between sacred and secular: — I think that if any Bible is divine, then so is Middlemarch or Moby Dick... or Frankenstein, or Leaves of Grass, etc... whereas if those so-called secular titles are just "futile human scribblings", then so is the Bible... & either way, I love them all for their imaginative strength.

...People ask "Do you believe in God?" - and a yes or no answer is expected... Instead of believing in God, I believe in honoring the human who invented the CONCEPT OF GOD: because "God" is a pretty strong poetic idea (I wish that I had thought of it myself)....

I like the idea of suspending one's disbelief... I try to believe in what I'm reading, so as to read with greater strength of imagination.... I want to give my whole mind to whatever text I'm contemplating — so, when I'm reading about any particular deity, I believe what the text says until I finish the passage, and then my belief stops when I close the book.

(The image above is a photograph of my computer screen, showing my profile page on the social network called Facebook. I used an online search engine to find both of the pictures of people that appear in it — the larger, rectangular image in the background was the first result that showed up when I searched for "Happy family"; and the smaller, square image was the first result when I searched for "Mom kissing baby".)


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