13 August 2014

Door knob

I planned to give a history of the invention that was once known as the phonograph, in order eventually to explain the concept of a skipping or "broken" record... but then I gave up, because it was neither amusing nor enjoyable.

I recently watched an interview of the movie director Paul Thomas Anderson, who is a hero to me. When the interview ended, I became pensive.... I began comparing my own life to his, and I felt sad, thinking that I've accomplished nothing as good as his movies.

But JUST NOW something happens that lightens my mood!.... My roommate arrives home and waves a huge tan parcel that was in the mailbox... It is probably something for ME, I think!

...So I try to open the front door, but the handle of the knob turns without consequence - it does not affect the latch - it fails to function properly.

So I realized that our front door latch is broken. So now we have to use the ground-floor bedroom window to enter and exit our apartment — LIKE ROBBERS — until we get the thing fixed.

(Let's watch YouTube video tutorials together, so that we can learn how to repair our broken door knob.)

(That was fun.) I guess we'll end up pulling the pins out of the door jambs and opening the door from the "wrong" side; then removing the interior component that is supposed to release the latch on the door. And then we'll replace the door knob with a new door knob tomorrow.

I feel like I should take a picture of my food now, to make this evening complete.


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