31 August 2014

Partial Proust Questionnaire, etc.

What I did here is copy a Proust Questionnaire and try to fill it out; but, partway through, I realized that I was limiting my responses to one word each, which is the opposite of what I should have been doing — I should have been providing detailed, lengthy answers. So I abandoned the thing and wrote a sloppy paragraph followed by a single-sentence postscript.

(Additionally, I used a cheap, outdated computer program to generate a number of automatic images, which I pasted in a row at the end. And I gave them prices as if they are for sale. And there's an alarm clock among them.)

The principal aspect of my personality


The quality that I desire in a man


The quality that I desire in a woman


What I appreciate most about my friends


My main fault


My favorite occupation


My dream of happiness


What would be my greatest misfortune?


What I should like to be



I care more about thinking than about concluding – I like pondering possibilities... but I also like making grand statements like ‘Nature is the enemy’ – I cannot resist the pleasure of exaggeration... I’m happy with the word ‘provocateur’ – and laughter is always called for... I do not think that we possess a static nature — still, it is amusing to propose ideas that defy that assumption. ...Rightly or wrongly, I take philosophy to be a playground and nothing more. Also I like the idea that all emotions occupy an equal plane, despite knowing that the Dalai Lama once referred to anger and hostility as lower states of being. Finally, although I'm wary of the phrase "believe in", I generally believe in epicureanism... but I act always opposite. I have a mentality that is impatient with its high-strung physical casing.


I wonder if they'll like each other, the glass werewolf and the glassware wolf.






















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