16 September 2014

A drawing & some frivolous thoughts

Below is a drawing that I drew to express my love for this weblog. And below the drawing are a number of disconnected thoughts that I wrote when I was thinking.

The plastic dolls known as Barbie and Ken came to us in the beginning like angels, neither giving nor receiving in marriage; but I believe that some future day this couple will return to us, equipped with genitalia.

Even if people tell you that a switch does not work, I suggest that you flip it.

The reason I never let down my hair is that I hate the feel of it brushing against my ankles.

What you thought was a healthy and lush maple leaf turned out to be a pool of almond butter.

I hope it does not frighten you to learn that although I am firmly against all depth of field, I can cover an amazing amount of distance by riding my bike. (I am accustomed to doing the worm dance.)

I've noticed that insects frequently bump into windows.

The only thing I hate about rainy days is that, by providing an alternate motivation for my gesture, their gloom dilutes the intensity of my daily act of defiance. And what is my daily act of defiance? To flout the glory of the sun by shutting the drapes.

Vast purple square, be thou my expression henceforward.

I wonder why cicadas haven't yet figured out that if they fine-tune the noise of their droning so that it resembles ocean waves, humans will finally relax and learn to like them.

If you close your eyes, God can't see you.

When anyone repeats the adage "You only live once," it always gives me pause; neither because I think that it is right nor because I think that it is wrong.

Your laptop computer’s keypad is really hairy.

Spy tip: If you want to remain incognito, just do something good. Good deeds are always ignored.

Sometimes I substitute 'whisky' for the F-word when singing the lyrics to Funky Town.

Imagine that a group of people comes walking through your neighborhood wielding chainsaws and randomly cutting off houses' porches and decks.

Failed shoe salesman.

We've reached the perfect "pyramid temperature" — I could die and simply live in here forever.


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