20 September 2014

Explanation of recent social networkings

This blog entry consists of three (3) important sections, which I have labeled with the titles: (1) "How I wound up joining the old social network"; (2) "My new Twitter account"; and (7) "Another YouTube mistake". And I arranged for these titles to be printed in bold, so as to catch my attention when I skim them.


My joining of the old social network Facebook was a fluke. Here is how it happened.

I have a particular friend. I like to converse with this particular friend. Over the years, I had been noticing, whenever I would try to have a conversation with my particular friend, this friend would respond barely at all, and his eyes were always magnetized by the screen of his nearby device. Whether it was his phone or his laptop computer, a device with a screen was always by his side; and this preoccupation roadblocked any possible communication between us. Also, it gave my friend’s face a vacant look that I found disturbing.

One day, in half joking frustration, I said to my friend: Tell me what is so interesting about that screen — why do you keep obsessively eyeing it? And he answered: "I'm using Facebook."

When I heard this, I thought to myself: If I can get into Facebook, then my friend might listen to what I'm saying, like old times; because I'll be on the screen of the device that he’s looking at. So I said: Show me where this Facebook place is, and help me to make my own account in that realm.

So that was the day that I first joined the old social network.

From the get-go, I was not interested in using the old social network to connect with acquaintances from school or work, because I never have believed that online chatting is any kind of human connection. It is a connection, but not a human connection.

I have two loves, which I love as much as I loathe online chatting — I love deep conversation and experimental self-expression. Now, since deep conversation, my first love, is inherently barred by Facebook's chatty design, I wondered if at least my second love might be able to thrive there. This sparked an idea: I should attempt to fill the network with as much experimental self-expression as possible, for the purpose of someday collecting all the postings into a manuscript.

Prior to joining the old social network, my daily custom was to write multiple pages of text, with the intention of creating a book; so the style of my writing was, to a large extent, determined by the shape of the medium. When I first saw those tiny little chat boxes into which one must type to “update” one's “status” on the old social network, I knew that this environment would provoke a drastic change in my writing style, and that the resultant book, even if this experiment were to fail, would be a welcome addition to my imagined bibliography, because its weirdness would be practically guaranteed.

Now I’m tired of writing about this, so I’ll stop.


To celebrate my determination to leave the Facebook network, I set up an account at Twitter. Here is my address: https://twitter.com/TershyRad


As you’ll see if you visit the above Twitter address around noon on the 20th of November 2014, I also set up an alternate YouTube account that I’ll use for making “furniture beats” (my regular YouTube account, which is located HERE, consists exclusively of poetry readings) – but this new account I have given the name TERSHITSKY. Here's the address: http://www.youtube.com/user/TERSHITSKY

Closing thought:

I don't think it's fair that I was born without large, luscious breasts.


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