30 September 2014

Selfies with my behemoth

Below are some self-shots of me holding my newborn beast — the first volume of my Collected Self-Amusements has at last slouched toward our world and gotten itself born. And to prove that even the marketplace is now forced to acknowledge my handiwork, here are some purchase links: AMAZON and NON-AMAZON.

(By the way, my Collected Religious Writings is a separate affair: it is the bible for my imaginary cult and should not be confused with my Collected Self-Amusements.)

And, in case you didn’t know, Bryan Ray is my pen name.


Here's a blurry webcam photo of me holding the book by its tail like it is a rodent, while badly attempting to act like I am surprised.

And here are some others from the previous day, when I was a lot more exhausted and less well lit... I don't know how they'll appear if you are viewing them from an RSS feed reader or some futuristic device that re-sizes and rearranges everything; but, on my blog's page here, I tried to display them as a small strip of images, so that they might resemble those rolls of pictures that come out of old photo booths — you know the kind where, after entering the booth, you shut the red drape behind you, and put some coins into the machine, and then its camera's bulb flashes a few times, and a little slot ejects a mini filmstrip of six photos, and each one shows you looking completely ridiculous? That's what I'm talking about.


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