04 October 2014

2 pics & something like a thought

I'm writing this to remind myself why I am here updating a blog instead of... now I forgot what I was going to say. But I do remember that my purpose in writing was always... now I forgot what I was going to say again.

Two pictures that I found online and was going to use for... I forgot what.

Above is a painting called Beach at Heist (c. 1891) by Georges Lemmen. Below is a photograph of Mount Teide (2009) taken by James Dawn.

Something like a thought?

I think that all language is metaphorical — using one thing to represent another. Scientific findings, however prosaic & pragmatic, still can only be communicated by means of language — all such knowledge, at its root, shares with so-called religious prophecy the unfortunate limitation that its message does not interpret itself. Truth cannot be directly imparted to the minds of its advocates. The strength of science is that it is a system that recognizes this limitation; and the allure of religious prophecy is that it does not.

A short story?

He drank himself to death because he loathed his life, and his children honor his memory by embarking on the very same path.


Here's another poem by Walt Whitman that I recorded myself reading this afternoon.


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