20 October 2014

Boring daily facts & a new self-reading

I'll write down what happened today, for the eternal record, even though I'm trying to forget it.

In the afternoon, I stepped outside with the intention of taking a walk; but, when I noticed that the temperature was not too harsh, I decided to go for a ride on my bike instead. My bike is black. So I went for a ride on my bike. I rode to the park. On the way to the park, I feared being hit by many of the surrounding vehicles, all of which were motorized. And I stopped for every stop sign that I saw.

The only other time that I got to see the outside world today was after my evening meal. I try to incorporate quinoa into as many of my meals as possible; so please believe me when I say that a portion of my evening meal consisted of quinoa. And that is all that I'm willing to say about my evening meal, at this point in my life.

OK, Now I'll share a new reading.


Recently I recorded myself reading an excerpt from one of my own books. Now that I've begun the second sentence of this paragraph, I realize that I should have made the words in the previous sentence link to the reading, since that would've been suaver; but, instead, I'll make the words after this present sentence's colon link to the reading: here's the excerpt.

However, do not click on that link that I just provided – I'd rather that you clicked on the reading that I'm sharing below, because it is the second reading of my own writing that I've posted; and newer things are better than older things (unless you yourself, like me, are an older thing).

The reading below is from my book called The King and Queen Surrounded by Swift Nudes, which is available either as an individual volume or in my giant collection of self-amusements — and the reason that I chose this as my SECOND READING EVER is twofold:

  1. I thought that its tone might easily gain the attention of potential listeners; and
  2. there is no further reason.


Before we begin, here is a botched photograph of a sticker from a holiday greeting card. I think that the shape on the left is supposed to be a violin, and there is a rectangle of somewhat fleshy color commandeering the rightmost third.


Now I'll share the reading that I promised somewhere above. I tried to embed it – but, in case the embedding attempt was a failure, here's a direct link. I'll also include a transcript of the reading below.

Oh and please heed the following warning:


Although the book is titled after a painting by Marcel Duchamp, the image in the video is not that particular painting – it is a diagram derived from Duchamp's haphazard collection of reproduced memorandums called The Green Box. The notes collected in The Green Box regard Duchamp's ideas for his other work called The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even. I used the "wrong" picture deliberately, because this part of my text has more to do with The Large Glass (which is how people alternately refer to the artwork whose title I just mentioned) than with the painting after which my book is titled.



As some type of elaborate joke, I set up a Bandcamp page for my Furniture Beats—I will gather every 10 tracks automatically into an album, no matter how much sense that it makes. Also, as another type of elaborate joke (this time, the joke's on me; I understand), I updated my Google Plus page a little bit – so, if you are one of the billions of readers of this blog who hasn't yet connected with me there, I beg you (on my knees) to connect with me there.


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