07 October 2014

Lynch & a bunch of links

As a David Lynch fanatic, I am not unexcited about the latest Twin Peaks news; but, if Lynch is willing to return to work on his past projects, I’d be even happier to see a finished RONNIE ROCKET. I’ve read, and reread, and been spellbound by its screenplay – I so loved it that I’ve always felt a little sad when a new Lynch project is released and it’s not that title with two ‘R’s. But I’m happy with whatever Lynch does – he knows better than his fans do – it’s just that Ronnie Rocket seems guaranteed to succeed: my dream is that Lynch eventually follows through and realizes this film.


OK! Now that I got that off my chest, here are some links to my own floundering attempts at different things:


"Ages and Ages Returning at Intervals" by Walt Whitman

"A Television Report" by Serge Fauchereau

from "The Renaissance" by Walter Pater

"The Economic War" by Serge Fauchereau

"As Adam Early in the Morning" by Walt Whitman


Furniture Beat 000011

Furniture Beat 000012

Furniture Beat 000013


(Instead of even attempting to embed the tweets that I wanted to share here, I’ll just intentionally fail right off the bat and paste their text directly to this page. But I will make them links, so that if you click on them with your mouse's button, they will sweep you into the sky and bring you to the place where the original tweets reside, on the magical network that is popularly known as The Twittering Machine; that way, I can prove to my friends and family that I am not lying about being a partial genius and card-holding pseudo-scientist. What I mean to say is that I am not lying about the particular claim of having written two fine tweets — I am, however, still lying about everything else I have ever accomplished.)

Tweet 1:

The only reason I tweeted my last tweet is that it was a perfect tweet: that is, it consisted of EXACTLY the allotted number of characters!

Tweet 2:

Although I'll continue attending to important matters in our world, I think that attending to important matters in our world is like playing Whac-A-Mole.


To celebrate my escape from Facebook, I’m allowing myself to neglect both shaving and bathing. Plus I'm re-watching The Social Network (2010) tonight.


Will someone PLEASE start committing crimes already!?!?


Here is a picture of books — they are red, white, and blue.


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