06 October 2014

On dining, plus links & a note

I am uncomfortable with eating & drinking in public and with others ... I am ashamed of the process — it reminds me of what I would rather not accept: that I am a creature, a thing... I dislike necessity, I lament the fact that I am mortal and that I depend on water and food. I am against nature and physicality. (Yes, I have problems.)

Here is how my main computer's "desktop" screen appears at present:

I set the above reddish warning image to appear as the background on my computer's "desktop" because I am trying to remind myself to stop using the old social network called Facebook. That place is bad and needs to slip into oblivion. Don't even check Facebook, I say to myself. But I want to stress that I love every person I've met there — it's the PLACE ITSELF that I hate with all of my heart. (You should see my heart: it's all shriveled-looking and hateful.)

This weblog (http://tershyrad.blogspot.com/) is the place that I most enjoy posting at, so I'll always share all of my efforts here; but, in case I forget where else I planned to post things, here are a few simple links:

The Twittering Machine;

Poetry Readings;

TERSHITSKY Furniture Beats;

Collected Self-Amusements.


Below is a note that I scribbled on a square piece of paper... I awoke at midnight with a thought that I knew was worth saving — but, when I looked at it the next morning, it was the same old story: "Boy meets girl."


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