30 October 2014

Numbers on colors & a self-reading

Above are some obligatory images. Below is the voice of my own self reading from THE STICKUP CONTINUUM, which is a slim obscurity that I composed in 2014. The thing is described as "A brief non-story, like a mosaic made from memories of so-called noir films." It is a text that is about the size of a chapbook; and it is available in this collection or as an overpriced individual pamphlet. Please note that I have moved heaven and earth to include a transcript of the reading directly below the embedded video. (If you are viewing this junk from an indirect source, so that the embedded video does not appear, here is a direct link.)


My third album of Furniture Beats was recently released into the wild. (I am gathering every ten beats together, no matter how much sense it makes, and labeling them "an album"; so, what I mean by saying that I've finished three albums is this: to date, I have successfully rounded up 30 flimsy beats.) All of my finished albums are able to be downloaded for free during the next day from my Bandcamp page; BUT, if you are viewing this post after Halloween of 2014, you will laugh your lungs off at the fact that each album is priced as $10.00!!! (I promise to charge one U.S. dollar per beat as a sick and stale joke, on the regular.)

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