26 November 2014

A rectangle & throngs of chaff

This blog post was necessitated by the fact that over the last fortnight my twittering machine transmitted throngs of chaff that prayed to be given an alternate oblivion.

Plus I found this image, which I thought would work well to illustrate the present entry's attitude.

A rectangle:

Throngs of chaff:

Having nothing to say right now, I'll quote Archilochos, fragment 48, translated by Guy Davenport: "Golden hair."

I can't wait for the year 2000.

Although I'm not sure about this, I have an inkling that the English words humankind and overwork possess exactly the same amount of syllables.

. . . plum . . . pant legs . . . socks . . .

It was so quiet in my apartment yestermorn that I could hear the blood pumping through my veins. (When I say blood, I mean alcohol.)

I marvel that you can run faster than thunder in those silver boots of glass.

A) teriyaki
B) marigolds

I believe that someone is visiting their family at present. And now I dedicate these sentences to that person's automobile.

When my resurrected smoke detector quoted from the 1st Book of Samuel, "Why hast thou disquieted me, to bring me up?" (28:15), I realized how cruel it was for John, in his gospel (11:43), to have let Jesus replace the battery of Lazarus.

The trick about makeup is that you must blend it in — you can't just put a glob on the center of your face and expect people to fall in love with you.

Once upon a time, a fast-food franchise ganked my 20 spot.

I am thankful that the Global Chief Privacy Officer will soon be able to discover and purchase products without leaving Facebook.

We did not return, since to do so would have bored us.

The only problem with this New Universal Dictionary is that it has a total of 1644 pages instead of 33 less.

fresh & cool & broke & rich & warm & umbrella bird


In a local coffee shop today I was forced at knife-point to give a reading from my book X Pages of Horn-face, which is part of my big blue collection of self-amusements that can be captured in the amazon or otherwise.



Rye Baldy said...

This is now the third time i am writing this. For some reason this social platform is giving the up most troubling time to post anything significant. I forgot the last two post's, once they are erased from the screen, my memory draws a blank. I one thing i do remember is that Thongs with Heavy Chaff make me hungry, so in the process of reading the above non-sense, i made a jam sandwich. I then realized that nothing in my house was in the correct place. I then realized that I was in somebody else's houses and clearly this was not my crap laying around.....however i did finish my jam sandwich and cleaned the dish, i then showered, shaved, and rewrote this the 3 rd time, and left with a handwritten note telling them to beware the women who where thongs and get heavy chafing.....i feed there kat, and quickly left for the beach to warn others.....

Tertius Radnitsky said...

I thank you for continuing to try to post your comment - I'm glad that the third try worked! (I haven't set up any special filtering for the replies here, so I don't know why the network makes the process so difficult - I apologize for the inconvenience; and I will gladly act as your surprise witness when you take Blogger to court.) I was glad to hear about your adventure with the jam sandwich - I found it heartwarming that you cleaned the dish and fed the strangers' pet. And now I, too, will leave for the beach to warn others!

Rye Baldy said...

I really enjoyed reading this post, but i am now deeply enthralled into your deep look and high regard for, WRONG COPS. I have yet to watch the show. But i faithful have it queued up in my netflix's, and ready to roll with the sirens. Being introduced into the program by reading your analysis on it, i feel, gives me another unique and introspective view into this film. Then after watching, i will refer back to your notes for further reckoning.

Tertius Radnitsky said...

Hey thanks for the feedback - I'll be happy if you do end up watching WRONG COPS, and of course I hope you like it! ...It's my favorite film right now: as I said, I've watched it about a million times... I wish that I were the owner of a movie theater - I'd show it every night! (By the way, I recommend his other film, too, called WRONG - the two movies are very different in tone, but I say that both films are works of genius.)


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