23 November 2014

About my day

I'll do two things in this here blog post. First, I'll share a drawing that I made for myself. Second, I'll tell myself about my day.

1. My drawing

2. My day

Where I live, the last few days have been cold. The temperature was below freezing, which made it uncomfortable to walk outdoors. But today was warmer. The problem, however, was that although it was warmer, the sky was totally covered with dark grey clouds.

I walked outdoors in the morning, despite the gloomy sky. The one complaint that I have about my morning walk is that rain was drizzling on me the entire time. After that walk, I vowed never to walk again in my life.

By noontime, the rain had stopped; but the sky was still gloomy. Since the temperature was even warmer, and the streets were no longer wet (on account of the rain having stopped), I decided to take a ride on my bike. I have a black mountain bike, terrifying to behold.

My afternoon bike ride was much more pleasant than my morning walk, mainly because there was no more bothersome drizzling. And, as I said, the streets had dried off – that was a real plus. So I rode to the nearby park and looked at the ocean. There is an ocean of water at the park near my apartment. It is really more of a lake or a pond, but I enjoy calling it an ocean. Referring to small things by names that better describe much larger things makes me feel like I am living in biblical times.

The water of the ocean was iced over. I know this because I stomped on it with my foot. In fact, I stomped on the frozen surface more than three times and the ice held firm. Then I walked to a different part of the shore and stomped again, but this time the ice broke. I got mud on my shoe.

When I returned home from my bike ride, my roommate was baking potatoes in the oven and cooking quinoa pilaf on the stovetop. In due course, we ate this meal. It was the best tasting meal that I can ever remember eating. The only problem was that the smoke detector kept giving us false alarms while the food was being prepared, so we had to mute the detector by removing its 9-volt battery. Stopping the device in this way made me feel a little sorrowful, because it was almost like having to euthanize a pet.

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