16 November 2014

Forgive one Xmas ad

Here I am holding all of my published writings. More individual titles exist, but they're all collected in these six books. (Eventually I'll combine the four thin ones at the top with an upcoming fifth book to form Volume 2 of my Self-Amusements, therefore beware.)

I decreased their prices for the upcoming season – they're now as low as the manufacturer allows, reflecting only the cost of materials.

NOTE: it will take a few days for their new prices to show up on Amazon; but all 'Non-Amazon' links are correct even as I type this.

A Second Letter to the Same People
A collection of short, enigmatic texts: some are nonsensical, some wrestle with biblical ideas, and some are simply strange.

Grayscale Rainbow
A collection of short texts: some are like weird stories for children, some are like testimonies from outlandish dimensions, some are like jokes without punchlines (anticlimactic on purpose), and some are just too convoluted to summarize.

Twelve Short Borings
A collection of short texts that are at once finicky & childish.

Truth & Other Fictions
A diverse collection of enigmatic writings.

Collected Self-Amusements, Vol. 1
Contains all fifteen of my other short books: The Permanent Modes • Why I Am Not a Surrealist • Rumors of Sarah • La Man • Impatiens • Even Silence Nods • The Floaty-thing’s Go-to Boy • New America • The Stickup Continuum • The Radiator Girls at Strapontin Lodge • X Pages of Horn-face • A Terrible Misunderstanding • The King and Queen Surrounded by Swift Nudes • Gabella St • Mediocre Mountain. (Each title is described individually on the collection's purchase page.)

$25 at Non-Amazon or Amazon

Collected Religious Writings
A series of mock-sacred texts: enigmas; mad sermons; abstractions of personal gnosis; ridiculous parables; critical self-interpretations (meant to parody the way that the so-called New Testament writings try to interpret the “true meaning” of the so-called Old Testament writings); and nonsensically bizarre episodes of holy farce.

$30 at Non-Amazon or Amazon

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