19 December 2014

Paper screen

Although today’s electronic technology is a revolution that prohibits all other revolutions, I’m thankful for bitter people, because, if people were not bitter, I myself would be bitter. What I mean is this. Whenever I see people acting crossly, I think to myself “If they’re proceeding from THAT angle, how can I myself fit into this play?—I guess I’ll be cheerful.” This is why I made my avatar an airbag.

I like Twitter because it appeals to the bird brain.

Simon says: Everybody talk while nobody listens.

They should manufacture government-sized, absorbent underpants.

The materials that make up our bodies once made up bodies that were not our bodies and will someday make up bodies that are no more our bodies than our bodies are our bodies. (We are doomed.)

Only after receiving a bite on his neck did heroic Amerigo subjugate the vampire.

Someone writes a pamphlet titled “The Teachings of X”. Then four rival churches compose four rival interpretations of “The Teachings of X”. This is how I see the Xian gospels.

Imagine you’re in a music band, playing a song that’s completely awful. You’ve been playing this awful song for hours, because it’s one of those compositions whose structure repeats. Although your fellow band members show no sign of stopping, you’re yearning for the song to finish – not because you dislike music; on the contrary, it’s precisely because you LOVE music that you want this song to end – the song is awful, and you want to begin a better one. This is how I feel about our world.

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