20 December 2014

Tweeting tirade

I completed my terrible textwork early tonight, so I was able to jump onto The Social Network and brainstorm a million non-thoughts in less than a second. Here they are, collected in one neat place for your skimming enjoyment...

But first, an obligatory image

Before revealing the textual part of this post, however, I am obliged by law to share the reverse side of the picture that accompanied yestereven's entry:

Tweeting tirade

I do not believe that it is morally imperative for every status update to comply with the so-called rules of iambic pentameter; but I do wish that the President of La-La Land would cheer a little louder whenever a Facebook user manages to swipe the rhyming trophy from Alexander Pope solely by way of auto-correct text mishaps. There, I said it.

The feeling of clean sheets and the feeling of "getting religion"...

Looking at the moon till vertigo, one hopes.

Closing the eyelid because the eye is dry. Closing the eyelid because the mind is annoyed.

Humor's place in Heaven?

She likes the phrase "compare and contrast" – it makes her feel like hovering over a swimming pool filled with orange gelatin.

to work to slave to benefit to profit to prophesy to mastermind to infiltrate to cannibalize to fantasize to approximate one whose set values differ from the RULE BROKEN DESIST

Let's collaborate on a novel whose main character shall be named Vanessa.

Time is stupid because it doesn't realize that whatever it tries to destroy just keeps changing form.

Old people and young people.

If you continue to serve me delightful beverages, I will continue to drink them.

The money was all born in a certain place, at a certain moment in history. There is a limited amount of money, so people scramble to get their hands on it. Some people believe that there is a single, all-powerful deity that watches over the money.

Here is one of many ways to make a burrito. First, put beans, cheese, and spinach inside a tortilla. Then microwave that for 45 seconds and eat it.



Anonymous said...

Your brain is a busy street.

Tertius Radnitsky said...

It toggles between 'vacant lot' and 'train wreck', so I take 'busy street' as a compliment - thanks!


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