06 March 2015

A brief walk

The weather has barred me from leaving my room of late; but this afternoon the temp rose above the freezing point, so I went out. The house on the corner of our street has a dog in a fence, which I pass whenever I walk. Today I could tell that this dog missed me, because he barked in a friendly way when he saw me approaching; plus he hoisted his upper body onto the fence with his forelegs, so that he could converse with me at eye level.

In a voice that was half Fred Rogers and half George Clooney, I said: “Hello there! I missed you, friend!” and “It’s really decent weather, don’t you think?” (This is the same dog that in a previous entry I described as being made of pure obsidian.)

Buffer image

Before I continue my State of the Weblog address, here is a photo of the Christian Trinity that I received from a secret admirer today:

My walk, cont.

After chatting with my friend, I circled around the road and headed back to my apartment. There was a group of neon-vested workers gathered around a fire hydrant, which had been opened and was gushing water into the street. Everything was at once icy and snowy and slushy and oozing and melting because of the temperature, plus there was a jackhammer in the background singing “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?”, so it felt like a local apocalypse was occurring.

As I passed, one of the vested workers nodded in my direction; so I saluted woodenly. This man approached me and pointed to my apartment and asked if I live there, and I said yes. Then, at the top of his lungs (so as to be heard over the jackhammer’s serenade), he explained that his crew would be repairing the main water line, which had burst this morning, “therefore beware”; and he nodded again. So I thanked him and went back inside and wrote this report.

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Mom said...

Thank you for the amusement and laughter!! You gave these gifts on your birthday. So fun, Bryan! Thanks!


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