31 March 2015

A drawing & a quote

Being short on time, I drew a simple drawing for today’s post:

I wanted to share the above image alone, but my conscience warned me: ‘It is immoral to allow a blog entry’s visual content to outweigh or overshadow its textual content.’ (I hate my conscience.) So here is a quote from Giambattista Vico’s New Science:

Scholars believed that the poets had signified prime matter by their myth of Proteus. In this myth set in Egypt, Ulysses on the shore wrestles with Proteus in the water, but cannot hold on to the monster, which keeps changing shape. What scholars mistook for sublime learning was in fact the extreme coarseness and ignorance of early people. For just as children try to grasp their own reflections when they look in a mirror, so primitive people thought they saw an ever-changing person in the water when they beheld how it altered their own features and movements.

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