30 March 2015

Why I love blogging

In today’s entry, I will tell the reason why I love blogging. Since yesternoon’s entry was very long, I’ll limit the present one to a single brief paragraph. First, however, I need to share the photo that I took of this beautiful spring morning:

Blogging is an attractive activity for shy people who want to secure their private thoughts, because, even though the contents of blogs can be seen by the public, nobody actually reads them. This works perfectly for me: I like documenting my deepest fears and secrets, so that I can study them later and ponder the course of my life; but I don’t want anyone else catching sight of my words. Some factions presume that plain old paper is the best safeguard for confidences – I disagree. Although my pink diary has a sturdy metal lock, and I keep it hidden in the baseboard behind my bed, it is still liable to get discovered by colleagues who go snooping around my room. Indeed, during the pre-blog age, my diary was broken into – pages were torn out, copied, and openly displayed on the walls of our police cafeteria. Blogging, on the other hand, affords far greater security than any locked diary. One’s juiciest secrets are safe on the public screen, where not even spies from government agencies view them.

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