15 June 2015

Bike ride CXIV

I will not say that this is not an envelope:

Bike ride CXIV

Today I passed by a house in my neighborhood which had its garage door open and colorful streamers plus a “Congrats Grad” banner, and there were clusters of people loitering in the yard holding paper cups filled with nonalcoholic beverages. Then I passed about nine more scenes like this, as I rode around the block on my bicycle.

Also I saw construction workers using giant machines to demolish one of the backroads. I assume that they will repair this road eventually, because that’s what has happened in the past. I do not believe that I witnessed an act of vandalism.

Then, as I was rounding the bend that leads past the ugly new church, I noticed a crow standing in front of the entryway like a greeter. This crow seemed confident: when I approached, it stood its ground and did not fly away. And it was bigger than a basketball.

One last thing that I saw on my bike ride was a child holding a neon green sucker. He was dawdling near the curbside, and he had the nerve to speak to me when I passed. By the tone of his voice, I could tell that he lacked character; and his facial expression resembled a mound of dough. I thought to myself: He’ll probably become a salesman someday.


kinky won said...

I am so sorry you found a child that was born to be a salesman/

Bryan Ray said...

Thank you for the gilded sympathy card. I'll stop crying eventually.


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