05 June 2015

Chirrups from the birdbath

Did you know that I bathe in an ice-cold stream every day? Well, here is a list of statements that I recently shouted:

  • My eyes cannot bear to follow the trail all of the way up to its heavenly birthplace, but I swear that the sun is bleeding smoke this morning.
  • I work most gladly when not forced to work.
  • The bespectacled virgin saddles a domesticated markhor.
  • Not yet have I wavered in my opinion that life ends at 26 and the rest is rehash.
  • I want everything to be so marm that I want everything to be pure glam.
  • Poetry is like talking without talking.
  • I love when genteel adults enjoy spirits together.
  • It is easy to see that I have the eyes of a rat; but you must spend time conversing with me to know that I have the mind of a rat, as well.
  • A messager sends a messenge.
  • (1) bouncy hair with lots of body
    (2) bouncy hair with lots of bodies
  • I admire anyone who can speak with authority to a busload of people.
  • Weird maverick sur-outmoded blague.

Now I must apologize for sharing the file “ms pain crapola 2” as this entry’s obligatory image:


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Bryan Ray said...

Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment!

Reptilian dining: the other Tea Party movement.

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