03 June 2015

Two neighbors

Since the spring arrived here in Antarctica, I have been trying to walk around as much as possible, in order to stay healthy, so that I will never die. I walk the same route every day; I have traveled the route exactly 100 times, but this afternoon was the first time that I ever met a neighbor. And then I met another neighbor after that.

The first neighbor

The first neighbor waved to me, but I did not see the wave until it was too late: the man had already turned his head away. But I could see his hand was still making the waving motion for a moment after he turned. I wish that I had been fast enough to wave back.

The second neighbor

When I said that I met two neighbors, I really should have said that I met just one neighbor; because I did not officially meet the waving neighbor, whom I mentioned above.

But I did truly meet the second neighbor: he was outside standing on his driveway when I approached. He told me, in a concerned tone, to beware of his dog, because his dog was off of his leash. Then he asked me if I like dogs, and I said yes. Then the dog ran toward me and stopped in front of me and stood there panting.

The story about the second neighbor’s dog

While I was standing stock still at the curb of that second neighbor’s driveway, he told me the following story about his dog:

Once, my neighbor’s dog ran away; so he called the police to report the missing creature. But the police said that they had already solved this case, even before my neighbor called them; because an officer reported finding a dog matching that description, mere seconds ago.

Sure enough, before my neighbor even had time to hang up the phone, a police vehicle pulled into his driveway, and there was a dog panting happily in the passenger seat. And this dog’s name is Riser.


The birds were making strange noises today. In my back yard, in the trees, they sounded like aliens battling with spaceships and lasers.


kinky won said...

I want to meet some new neighbors and I want my next door neighbor to move. They are really strange. I heard that with all the rain the cracked slab let sewage water rise up into the house. There is a no occupancy tag on the house but they seem to still be living there/ They tore down part of a fence and built one that was against city code. I want to knock on their door and tell them I don't like them or something mean. The other neighbors seem to be a lesbian couple who had a tree cut down and I would like to find out who did the job and perhaps hire them to cut a tree a pesky squirrel planted and we didn't cut it down soon enough/ I am hearing a train now so I leave you with the sounds of a train whistle blowing and the sound of it rolling on the tracks like a missed wave.

Bryan Ray said...

Blogs within blogs!


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